College Applications

College apps are as stressful as they sound! 

I organize students' tasks, present them clearly, and guide them personally through every step of the application process. I give clear direction and feedback, and I listen carefully to students' needs. I try to predict problems before they happen. I am available to students for those nagging, sudden questions that pop up. And I'm right there for that exciting moment when it's time to press submit.

One of my big goals is for students to see through the stress, pressure, and expectations in order to find a bit of joy in the application process. After all, this is their time, and they get to stand up and take credit for all the work they've done to become who they are.

Starting Strong

• Identifying what matters to the student

• Researching colleges and comparing them

• Articulating major-related goals for college

• Exploring professors and research on college websites
• Selecting a college list that's both ambitious and balanced

• Choosing Early Action and Early Decision schools

• Final standardized test planning
​• Planning ahead for time management

• Selecting senior year courses

• Making other final commitments

College Essays

• Managing essay deadlines

• Supporting your application story

• Reviewing (or learning) writing techniques
• Brainstorming for UC Personal Insight Questions
​• Brainstorming for Personal Statement

• Planning for all supplement essays ahead of time
• Articulating Why College reasonings

• Reflecting on essay topics like diversity and community
​• Revising many, many, many times

• Employing strategies to cope with anxiety and writer's block

• Finalizing when the drafts are fully developed

Gathering Materials

• Selecting a reading list that can inform college essays
​• Choosing and approaching teachers about recommendations
• Designing one-sheets to guide the teachers' letters
• Creating and revising the activities resume
​• Presenting awards and honors
​• Taking steps to show demonstrated interest

• Sending standardized test scores
• Pre-writing the application's Additional Info section
​• Signing up for interviews and training/preparing for them

Additional Support

• Final application checks for minor errors

• Support for ESL learners and international students

​• Guidance for special paths + colleges

• Planning for disability accommodations

• Completing alternative applications like Questbridge
​• Planning for senior year second semester

• Writing wait list and deferral letters
​• Applying for honors colleges

• Applying for scholarships (extra service)

• Informal financial aid guidance
• More!

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