College Applications 

A Four Part Plan

College apps are as stressful as they sound! 

One of my big goals is for students to see through the stress, pressure, and expectations in order to find a bit of joy in the application process. After all, this is their time, and they get to stand up and take credit for all the work they've done to become who they are.

Cobble Road
1) Starting Strong

• Self-Assessment: Work with student to identify their values, goals, working style, major interest, and college preferences.

• College List: Create the best-fit college list based on the student's criteria

• Application Timeline: Plan all dates and deadlines, including testing, essay supplements, and early applications.

2) Gathering Materials

• Teacher Recommendations: Choose teachers for recommendations and guide them in the process.

• Create the activities resume, present awards, and show demonstrated interest.

• Train and prepare for college interviews. 

• And more!

Documents and Blurred Business Men
3) The College Essay

• Brainstorm for the Personal Statement and supplemental essays. 

• Revise and proofread many times and employ strategies to cope with writer's block. 

• Manage essay draft timelines and deadlines. 

• And more!

Checking Text on a Document
4) Additional Support

• Offer support for ESL learners and international students and guidance for special paths or disability accomodations.

• Manage wait list and deferral letters, and honors colleges applications. 

• Informal financial aid guidance. 

• And more!

12 Months (Renewable)
Live Acceptance Workshop in April 2022
Select your college, discuss waitlists and appeals and celebrate!
3 Private Counseling Hours
Session Replays
Individual College List Review
Supplemental Essay Reviews
1 essay review and 1 final edit for six supplemental college essays.
Essay Reviews
2 essay reviews and 1 final edit for UC Questions and Common App Personal Statement
FAQ Forum & Community
Coaching Resources
Includes videos, guides, worksheets, templates and more. Also includes College Torch's Essay Outlining Elements.
Live Group Sessions and Workshops
11 in total