What do you do as a college consultant?

I am a consultant for students and their families. I provide individualized support with the college admissions process.


I meet students one-on-one outside of school hours. I answer questions, give direction, create and adjust an admissions plan, and monitor progress toward goals. I get to know students to help them identify colleges and make choices that align with their preferences and values.

Beyond one-on-one support, I keep current on college expectations, requirements, and trends -- much like a tax professional keeps up with changing tax laws. I attend professional development events and conferences through the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA). I regularly travel to visit and meet admissions officers at colleges and universities through the U.S.

What don't you do at College Torch?

I am not a motivational coach, psychotherapist, life coach, financial advisor, or expert in any specialized academic, technical, or research field.

Why should I work with a college counselor?

Young people have a lot of stress and expectations to live up to, and they want to do well. In my experience, students are most likely to thrive when they have someone to listen to them, help them define their goals, and guide them on concrete steps toward long-term success.

Every student's needs are different. Some students are supported perfectly well by their school counselor and do not need the services of a private educational consultant.

Unlike school counselors, I am available on weekends and evenings until 10PM.

How often do you meet with students?

Usually, once or twice per month. Some students arrange to meet me more or less frequently.


Students in the College Application Program typically see me at least once per week.

Between meetings, students send regular updates to continue the conversation. I stay available by email for questions as they arise.

When is the best time to begin college counseling?

Many students begin college counseling in the summer before ninth grade in order to make a four year plan and follow it through. However, every student's plan is individualized, so the program can begin whenever the student is ready.

When is too late to start?

Never too late! Although students who plan early tend to have stronger outcomes, I will help students catch up and finish strong as long as I have the space available in my caseload.

Do you assist with standardized test prep?

In college counseling, I help all students choose between the SAT/ACT and track their progress once they start. I discuss study strategies and long- and short-term study plans. 

College Torch does offer a test prep program run by our test prep specialist, Esther Lee.

What are the rates at College Torch in 2021?

Please schedule a consultation to learn about current rates.