I'm Robert, your college counselor in Southern California.

I started my one-on-one programs with students so I could combine my love of teaching with my expertise in college planning.


Great teachers model skills, impart knowledge, promote joy in learning, and make a personal connection; and they don't typically offer college guidance. College counselors help students maneuver through the application process, but they don't take a significant role in a young person's development.

In my College Torch counseling programs, I guide students toward college with the eye of a seasoned classroom teacher. I give attention to students' whole-person development, including emotional intelligence and learning character. I use proven techniques based on research in education to provide ways forward that sound less like be better and more like be authentic

When the time comes to complete the application, my students have solid habits of mind and they never need to phone in personal development on a college essay. When students finish working with me, they go on to their next steps confident that they've built skills for navigating a complicated world. 

Very often, my students attend their dream colleges. 

This happens because they truly are the young people the colleges saw in the application.