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Didn't Get Into Your Dream School? Read This.

Dear you,

There is not much I can say to make you feel better right now, but I am very sorry. You have probably worked very hard, wanted this more than you have wanted anything in the world, and they still said no. I know that it hurts terribly.

But I can tell you for a fact that you will not feel this way forever. Because you will eventually realize that your “dream school” simply was not where you were meant to be. You might’ve felt that you had fallen in love during your campus visit, talked to multiple current students and read every corner of the university website...and thought that you knew that was the perfect school for you. Yet they did not choose you back.

As much as this may feel personal, it is not. This school’s decision says nothing about you, your potential or all the work that you have put in. You are much more than a transcript, a couple scores, a 650-word essay and a recommendation letter. The admissions officer had to base their decision off of very little information, and none of it determines your worth as a human being and the value that you have given and will continue to give to the world. Moreover, much of an admissions office’s decision for building an incoming class is holistic—you will never know who you may have been competing against for that spot. Fate plays a tremendous role in college acceptances.

You will end up elsewhere. Somewhere that you belong, somewhere that wanted you back. You will have a tremendous college experience, in which you will have some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows, meet some incredible people and learn lessons that shape you forever. By then, you will look back on the tears that you are shedding now with a reminiscent chuckle.

Hah, it’s funny how important I thought X school was to me then.

It hurts to hear now, but your dream school simply was not where you were meant to be. Your home for the next four years saw you, loved you and chose you. They seem to think that you will contribute something pretty special to their campus, and they can’t wait to see what that is.

Now, chin up and remember, there is NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!*

With much empathy,


P.S. If you did not get that reference, wipe away those tears and go watch A League of Their Own!

Rose Wong is the Counseling Liaison and Writing Specialist at College Torch. She tutors English and history. Contact her at

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