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Need to Cancel Your SAT Score?

Many students don’t know the protocol for canceling their SAT score until they’ve already descended into test panic.

For SAT I and SAT II, there’s a short window to act: You must notify The College Board in writing by 11:59PM EST on the Wednesday following the test.

For SAT II subject tests, the same rule applies, but you can’t cancel just one test score ... you have to cancel all of the subject tests for that day. (A tough choice!)

A better strategy than canceling your test after you leave is to cancel it when you're there at the test site. It's much easier, more direct, and more peaceful than fretting when you get home.

Nervous about an upcoming SAT II subject test? You don't have to take a test you sign up for! Go in on test day, take the test you want to take, and just don't open the booklet for the one you don't want to take. It will be as if you never signed up for it.

Very important: Take a practice test (whether it's SAT I or SAT II) before you arrive on test day, so you know what it feels like to do your best. If you need to cancel, cancel.


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