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Welcome Oomi to College Torch

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Hello hello!

My name is Oomi Pammit, and I’m excited to be the new STEM Specialist at College Torch! Together with Angie, I’ll be managing social media, writing blogs, running the book clubs, and tutoring.

It is always a pleasure to work with high school students, and I look forward to imparting as much knowledge and advice as possible to College Torch scholars. I know that I would not have been able to reach where I am today without the immeasurable help of multiple resources and communities. I hope that you can find a community in College Torch!

with my College Planning Workbook from 2018!


Right now, I’m a sophomore at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (or, in MIT speak, “Course 6-3”). I’m also invested in urban science, informatics, and economics.

At MIT, I’ve found my home in a bunch of warm communities: my living groups; my several clubs; students from 6th grade to college that I’ve tutored; classmates in group chats discussing the upcoming exam; my mentors from PhD programs, J-PAL, and the various offices of the Infinite hallway; and the wider body of MIT students, staff, and faculty that all share the affinity for discovery and curiosity.

I love digressing for the sake of answering sundry questions that pop up in my head. For example, even as I wrote this, my friend and I got into a long discussion about whether to include an article (“the”) before “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” up in the third paragraph. These conversations pick up the tone of a programmer, trying to find – online or offline – examples (“the Harvard University”), appropriate approaches (If there is a preposition in the proper name, usually use an article.), and edge cases (what about the Northern Lights?). Our temporary conclusion: There’s no official rule for including articles before proper nouns, but there are always rules of thumb and exceptions to those rules, as is often the case with English.

I’d venture to claim that this kind of question, along with plenty of advice and support, pushed me from my humble beginnings into the Questbridge College Prep Scholars program, then into the National College Match, and consequently into Early Action admission to MIT. In the entire college application process, from when I started to think about it in junior year all the way to the admissions decision, I had many criteria for a college to fit me, and I’m beyond happy that I’ve found a college in which I fit so well, with people to answer my questions or to otherwise look for a solution with me.

I look forward to conversations with all of you, on- or off-topic!

Oomi Pammit is the STEM Specialist at College Torch. She tutors students in STEM subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and more. Please contact her with any questions at or (626) 214-8658‬.

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