Academic Tutoring

All our tutors are students and graduates of top U.S. colleges.

Note: Tutors do not help with college essays, but Robert helps with that! Book here.


Oomi Pammit (MIT)

STEM Specialist

Tutors: Math (all levels), physics, chemistry, biology, computer science

Lark Yan Picture headshot.jpg

Lark Yan (UPenn)

Writing Specialist

Tutors: English writing

sajel headshot.jpg

Sajel Dutt (B.A., Rice)

STEM & Writing Specialist

Tutors: Chemistry, biology, English, writing, math (all levels)

Sanjana Headshot.jpg

Sanjana Dutt (Northeastern)

STEM & Writing Specialist

Tutors: English writing, math (all levels), physics, computer science

Aisha headshot.jpg

Aisha Chebbi (Princeton)

Writing Specialist

Tutors: History, English writing