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5 part-time jobs teens will definitely love

Updated: Mar 25

Now that you know how to apply for a part-time job, what are some of teens’ favorite jobs?

My students usually tell me they want jobs that pay well, offer flexible hours, and are fun. You know a part-time job will enhance your college application, but of course you want to enjoy your time there too. Here are some examples of popular part-time jobs for high-school students:

1. Tutor Because it enables you to put your knowledge to use helping others, tutoring is a fantastic part-time job for teenagers. Also, it offers the chance to develop your leadership, specifically as a teacher. If you can get your own clients in the community, you’ll even practice entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing. My students usually start out thinking tutoring is easy, but the business aspect ends up challenging and exciting them.

2. Paid social media intern There are tons of businesses out there, especially small businesses, that dream of having a social media presence but are baffled by where to start. And for lots of teens, social media comes second nature. You’re welcome to search job boards for businesses ready to hire, but a great way to cut through the competition is to approach the owners of businesses near your neighborhood and chat with them about their social media presence, or lack of one. If you know what you’re talking about, they’ll see your value pretty quickly!

3. Pool lifeguard This job involves a bit of training and a lot of sitting or standing (depending on the pool) in one place. You will practice your focus (not so easy, right?) as you constantly scan the pool for dangers. It’s an easy job to zone out at, so try not to do that! You may even get to socialize and get to know the regulars at the pool.

4. Camp Counselor Camp counselors are in charge of fostering an awesome environment for kids. You’ll develop management skills and practice dealing with surprises and challenges. I