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Join a College Torch program and build confidence to walk your path.
The Student

In this one-one program, you'll meet regularly with an expert guide in one-one sessions. This is a great choice if you (or your parent) think you'll need a lot of one-one time for questions and concerns, or if you just love the personal touch of a private Zoom room.  

The Experience

You’ll discover your ideal colleges, craft your best-fit college list, and walk a clear-cut path through your college tasks with start-to-finish guidance on every task and essay. If you have a question, just send me a message or schedule a call!

The Student

Are you responsible and positive? Do you love the energy of a group? If so, consider the Expedition Group. It's perfect for families on a budget because it offers all the same results as the one-one program.

Group programs have limited sign-up windows. Complete the College Torch Application to learn about the next registration window.

The Experience

In a group setting, you'll identify all the things that make a college perfect for you, research expert recommendations, and craft a best-fit college list.


You'll complete the entire application process with Robert supporting you in the sessions and asynchronously offline.

The Student

Are you highly focused on just one area of the college process? I can offer full support on just one of the following areas:

  • Essays (starting with "The Big 5 Essays" package)

  • College Search & College List

The Experience

You'll complete your essays or college search will full support from an expert. The scope of our work is limited to only the one topic, and we cannot work on other items. 

I don't count the hours in this package... I just want to help you do your best work!

The Student

Know exactly what you want to talk about? In your Power Planning Session, the time is yours, and you're in charge.

Hourly consulting is not the best option for families who want a consultant to manage the college process for them.

Tip: Send me an email before your meeting with what you hope to achieve in our time together. 

The Experience

This is the hourly option to book into my schedule, with options on Zoom and in person.

The College Torch hourly rate is $300 outside of a package. To learn about package pricing, please complete the College Torch Application.

Happy Family Portrait
Yes, this one's for PARENTS.

Do you feel that your teen could do so much if they just had a little guidance, direction, or idea about what's coming? Join a group of parents just like you to discuss, brainstorm, and ask questions that matter to you, with Robert's expertise to back you up.

This is a subscription-based service.

The Experience

In guided sessions and forums, you'll explore college topics like testing, activities, college majors, college tours, and college applications in order to support teens to chart their course and apply to college.


Parents of seniors working on their applications will join a specific group for application topics.

College Torch On-Demand Courses

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